Lawyer, legal advisor

Lawyer, legal advisor. A specialist with years of experience. She has always taken care of and prepared all the contracts I signs. At the ACADEMY, she supervised the establishment of the commercial cooperation between athletes and partners. Her invaluable knowledge and rich experience will help avoid many problems. Remember that contracts are written for challenging times.



Clinical and sports dietitian – Graduate of the Academy of Sports Excellence. A proponent of natural therapy and a holistic approach to health, taking into account the mind, body, diet, supplementation, and lifestyle. Specializes in nutritional and supplementation guidance for elite athletes. In the ACADEMY, she is the coordinator of the health department.



Anna is a highly regarded specialist in various fields, including public speaking. At the ACADEMY, she is responsible for preparing training in voice emission and diction. Her knowledge, included in our course, will undoubtedly help not only novice athletes.


Start your adventure with professional motorsport. With CODRIVER.ACADEMY you will enter the world of the World Rally Championship and learn the secrets that I have learned over 25 years of competition.

Our key Features

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Our Mission

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Our Goals

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Why Us?

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