Patented system, built by drivers for drivers.

The kit is included with the online lecture by Simone Campedelli for each ArtOfCodriving MAX CREW course.


Easywrite adapts to all types of steering wheel thanks to its patented stretch and non-slip fabric and its installation on any car does not take more than 10 seconds.


7 angles of equal size define all the variability of the road that will arise.


The rotation of the steering wheel will determine the degree of difficulty of the curve by displaying the affected portion of the instrument on the sticker located in the center of the dashboard (driver’s side).


Start your adventure with professional motorsport. With CODRIVER.ACADEMY you will enter the world of the World Rally Championship and learn the secrets that I have learned over 25 years of competition.

Our key Features

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Our Mission

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Our Goals

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Why Us?

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