ArtOfCodriving STANDARD

Course schedule

Maciej Szczepaniak, with 27 years in the right seat. Polish Champion and World Champion. Co- driver alongside K. Kajetanowicz and R. Kubica.

Course Plan Description.

What does a co-driver really do?

Regulations, starting cooperation with the driver.. Warm-up and preparation for challenges.

Essential gadgets for the codriver.

Presentation of pace notes fsystem and used symbols. Theory and exercises.

Preparation for rallies. Working with video.

Terrain reconnaissance, weekly plan preparation, car

Maximizing the benefits of route Reconnaissance, schedule of reconnaissance, working with navigation apps.

Taking Notes at the Pace of reconnaissance. Asphalt and gravel.

Official procedures anddocuments. Roadbook, road map, and others.

Safety and procedures.

Reading notes at rally pace. Asphalt and Gravel.

Tire Change, Part Replacement.

Conclusions and areas for improvement.

The importance of focus. Theory and exercises.

What it is and how to exercise It.

How to control your voice, voice emission exercises.

Impactof diet on performance and results. Nutritionalprinciples.

Sporting and economic aspects of team collaboration. Journey from amateur to professional.

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ArtOfCodriving STANDARD

690 Euros

5586 PLN
2900 PLN

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